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Lakeshore Public Television TVHH - 3,360,770


WOSU Public Television TVHH - 809,940


Register and Bid at our Demo Auction TVHH - ???


Our PBS Auction web service is powered by AuctionMaster, our full featured online auction software.

We provide front-end and back-end auction services to allow your station to host an online auction to augment your fundraising efforts.


Our front end services include matching your auction to the look and feel of your normal web site. Or you can choose one of our themes to match your event theme. Not only do we provide a web front end for individuals to bid online, we also provide a telephone operators page for bidders to call in to make bids and a special page to televise the auction boards over the air.


We can import/export your auction data from/to most financial system software you may be using.


* Data Driven

* E-commerce

* Full rich reports


Our back end services include everything from designing your site, to administering, operating and training station staff and volunteers to perform all the functions.